Response to the Reid report on research and innovation

Following today’s publication of Professor Graeme Reid’s review of Government-funded research and innovation in Wales, Bangor University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research & Impact, Professor Jo Rycroft-Malone said: “Wales has a number of strengths in research and innovation and it’s important that we continue to support existing areas of excellence, as well as develop and nurture new areas of expertise.

The review provides an analysis of the strengths, future challenges and opportunities for Wales to help sustain and grow Welsh research and innovation in the run up to Brexit.

Professor Jo Rycroft-Malone added: “Making good use of the high quality research and innovation expertise of our universities will help Welsh businesses, communities and government to thrive.

“We already know that Universities such as Bangor punch above their weight in terms of research output and impact, and we very much hope that this will continue under any new initiative that will be introduced following the publication of this report.”

The Welsh Government has stated that it would accept the report’s recommendations in principle and will consider how they can be implemented alongside responses to the current technical consultation on the new proposed Tertiary Education and Research Commission for Wales, as well as the post-Brexit funding settlement for the nations and regions of the UK, and the UK Government’s plans to rebalance science spending across the country in pursuit of accelerating regional growth and productivity.

Julie James AM said: “I would like to thank Professor Reid for his hard work in producing this extensive piece of work and would pay tribute too to the distinguished panel of advisers who assisted him.

“I was pleased to read that Professor Reid found research and innovation in Wales to be strong, with many examples of national and international impact and success. It is essential that we build on this success and grow the sector, as we respond to the changing UK research landscape and the potential consequences of Brexit.

“We do acknowledge however that, working across sectors, we can do more to increase the visibility and influence of Welsh research. We will therefore take forward the recommendation on a dedicated London presence to promote Welsh Research and Innovation immediately.”

The full report can be seen at:

Publication date: 6 June 2018